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Visit Red Pandas - Make a Difference for the Planet

On February 13, 2020 Red Panda Network published the following article about our upcoming trip to Nepal to trek through the lower Himalayas and search for the red panda in the wild. Jennie of the Jungle and RPN are teaming up to provide a Himalayan adventure with global significance. Red Pandas. Travel. Conservation. Community. Can you imagine finding all of those in one experience? That’s exactly what I knew I’d discovered when I first heard of Red Panda Network (RPN) and Jennie of the Jungle’s new partner trip kicking off in October 2020!  It’s inspiring and positive in a world often full of disjoined negativity. So I’m literally counting my vacation days to see if I can join.  RPN ecotrips are specially designed to educate about red pandas; to create tailored experiences for viewing this endangered species while preserving their habitat and to cultivate a small community of travelers immersed in local people and culture. Yet, what about the global perspective? Tha