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Meeting Animal Planet's Jeff Corwin

One of my longtime wildlife heroes, Jeff Corwin, decided to stop in Utah on his "Tales from the Field" tour. And, of course, I was there. Jeff is a conservationist who, much like me, became interested in his work after being introduced to the rainforest of Belize during the summer of 1984. My own craziness began after a trip to the Costa Rican jungle in the summer of 2000. I grew up watching Nature programs on PBS (because we didn't have cable or many other forms of entertainment) and crying when the hyenas killed the cheetah babies. But i didn't realize I could actually do something about wildlife until I was in college and took a rainforest ecology and conservation class. Shortly after the class, I applied for a grant to take a rainforest ecology field class in Costa Rica through the Organization for Tropical Studies at Duke University. I was awarded the scholarship and as soon as I stepped foot in that jungle, I felt I was home. Jeff continued his interest in

Urban Art Show for Charity a success!

So the Urban Art Show I put on to benefit the Southwest Wildlife Foundation was a success. So far we've brought in over $500 for SWF in art sales and donations. Here are some photos that highlight the show. Art will be hanging in the UAA Main Street Gallery in downtown Salt Lake City until March 11, 2012. Thank you to everyone who helped me make this event a success. I couldn't have done it without you, honestly! Photos courtesy of myself, Lena Nance, Kelsey Beacco, Alexey Krapivin, Jeremy Pearson and Kristian Christiansen.