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Charity Focus: Amazon Partnerships Foundation

Amazon Partnerships Foundation is an organization close to my heart, as I've done volunteer work in Ecuador and have learned to love the Ecuadorian people and culture. Amazon Partnerships Foundation collaborates with indigenous Kichwa communities of the Ecuadorian Amazon that want to create their own projects to protect the rainforest and promote the conservation values of their culture. Here's how it works: The Kichwa community will propose a sustainable project idea to Amazon Partnerships Foundation, who will then provide small grants to start up the project and intensive training in project management so that the community can learn to sustain their results over the long term. An example of one of these projects is the organic cacao project. In the community of Canambo, 36 people are learning how to grow organic cacao, which will increase crop yield and provide more household income. Because organic Ecuadorian cacao is typically grown on small farms with a variety of other

3rd Annual Wildlife Charity Party at W Lounge

Saturday, April 23rd 2011 W Lounge 358 S West Temple Salt Lake City, Utah Attention party animals! Come get down for a good cause (again) at the W Lounge. Saturday, April 23rd will showcase some wild tunes for our habitat. Entertainment includes: ★ a special set featuring DJ Jesse Walker (NCM, SLC) on the decks, returning exclusively to W for our aural pleasure ★ DJ Elkfish (SLC), the perfect entity for our wildlife needs ★ DJ Leo (Argentina, Miami, SLC) will get the decks roarin', and the dance floor too! ★ DJ Eben Flow (SLC), superstar DJ to the animals, will close out the night in style ★ Go-go's gone wild ★ Wildlife Hoopligans ★ Humanlife photographers Proceeds from the night go directly to the Southwest Wildlife Foundation, an animal rescue and rehab center located in Cedar City, Utah. They are currently working on funding for a wildlife park and educational center. You can visit their website at, or find them on facebook. COSTUMES EN

World travel for the partygoer (Part 2: Germany, US, and South America)

Germany is another great clubbing hotspot. Germany has a unique party style, due to the fact that East and West Germany were once separated, and Easterners were not allowed to have any sort of fun under the strict rules of a poverty-stricken country. Once the wall came down, though, the music came out. Paul van Dyk was there to attest that all around the wall, parties went for days and days after the fall, in old warehouses and torn-down buildings. And yes, they do know how to party. I was lucky enough to visit Sven Vath's club, Coccoon , in Frankfurt during a trip to my birthplace (Bad Kreuznach) in 2008. 15 euros got us in, and 8 euros got us drinks in ultra-tall plastic cups. The decor was the best I've seen in a club; classy deco wallpaper adorned the outside walls, glass art deco sculptures provided a loungey area right outside the restrooms. The inner dance area sported a large pod high above the dance floor where the DJ reigns supreme throughout the night, and numerous