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Thailand Through the Eyes of an Alcoholic London Photographer: Guest blogger Matt Goldsmith

My friend Matt, who lives in London, just returned from an adventure to Thailand, where he ventured with little to no money. So if you're in the same boat, take some tips from him. Matt is a pro photographer, so you're in for a treat with this photo-summary of his trip. Enjoy! Thailand Through the Eyes of an Alcoholic London Photographer So I went to Thailand for a month.. It was meant to be three months, but... stupid money! I'd never been to Asia before - I didn't really know what to expect - and I thought that my Western money would last a lifetime.. this was a mistake, but my only mistake I'll admit.. Okay, maybe ordering that food that one time, but that's another story. I had no plans beyond landing in Bangkok. This was the plan in itself, I didn't want to set anything in stone because I knew that by following an organic route I'd find more valuable experiences. If I planned ahead then I wouldn't be able to divert from the plan, and I