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Meeting the Founders of Wildlife SOS India

Last night I had the opportunity to meet Kartick Satyanarayan and Geeta Seshamani, the couple from India who founded Wildlife SOS some sixteen years ago. This was a rare and exciting opportunity for me, as they keep so busy with their work in India (what with 4 dancing bear sanctuaries with some 600 bears and 5 rescued elephants to boot) they don't have the chance to visit their US fundraising office very often. I've been volunteering with Wildlife SOS since 2007, doing online marketing work and a bit of fundraising and publicity for the organization. My first wildlife charity party took place in London, with all proceeds going straight to WSOS (see my previous blog about bear parties). Kartick and Geeta and the rest of their organization have single-handedly taken on the "dancing bear" issue in India and, through a variety of means have rescued every last dancing bear from the streets. These bears, too mutilated to be released back into the wild, are housed in 4