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4th Annual Wildlife Charity Party

It's that time again! My annual nightclub fundraising event to raise money for a charity of my choice. This year, like last year, the money will go to the Southwest Wildlife Foundation. Susan and Martin Tyner are trying to raise enough money to build an animal rescue facility that will serve as a Nature Park and Educational Center. It will also house the rescued wildlife that trickles in throughout the year. I would like to see this park finished, as it will be the first of its kind here in Utah. I also hope to work there. This year's party, like last year's, took place at the W Lounge in downtown Salt Lake City. My goal was to raise double the money I raised last year. In order to do that, I employed more volunteers and different entertainment aspects. I brought in Aspen Moon, a local artist who excels at live painting. I had him paint something with a wildlife theme, and he decided to paint a desert tortoise carrying the world on its back. I brought in a body/face p