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Mount Evans and its Famous Mountain Goats

They're cool, they're calm, and they're hangin' out at 14,000 feet! It's the Mt. Evans mountain goats! I took a trip up the highest road in the continental U.S. to photograph the goats and to enjoy the beauty that is Mt. Evans, Colorado. I was lucky to see so many goats up there! The road just opened a couple of weeks ago, due to a particularly stormy spring and impassable conditions. The babies, who are normally born in June, are just weaning now, in August! Lucky for me... Baby mountain goat and it's protective mama Licking minerals from the rocks Beautiful animals The bighorn sheep and marmots were out in force as well. Temperatures at the top of the mountain were near 30 degrees, even though it was 90 degrees down in Boulder. Just hangin out on the highest cliffs ever The highest road in the U.S. Sundowners Yellow-bellied marmot Though this was my first time ever seeing mountain goats in the wild, I had taken my fir

My first black bear sighting!

I was just so excited I had to share! Been wanting to see one for quite some time now. Black bear near Gold Hill, Colorado Unfortunately I didn't have my camera with me - so this was snapped with a point and shoot. Still... Next on the list: mountain lion!