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Owls. They're cute, they're smart, and they're in-style. Ahem, uh...your tailfeathers are showing... So you think YOU like owls? Trust me, there will always somebody who likes owls more... "Hoo" says you get wiser with age? But why are people so fond of these wise old birds? It can't possibly be because of their diets, as owls are raptors, and are responsible for ridding the world of all things cute and fuzzy. From kangaroo rats, to jerboas, to little baby bunnies. How could anyone eat the likes of me? I'm the cutest parts of all the animals put into one tiny package! But, but, there'll be no more EASTER! We imagine, as we watch them rip off tiny fuzzy bunny heads and swallow them whole, that there's got to be something more to these ferocious creatures. Well, for one, owls are just plain cool. One of the largest owl species, the Great Grey Owl, has a wingspan of up to 5 feet. Yet they sneak right upon their prey (most