Saving the Planet, one Volunteer at a Time

On January 24th, 2015 I launched This new website is my way of saving the planet, one volunteer at a time. Check it out...

I am excited to have the opportunity to do my part in conservation, and help you do yours too. Just an example of what kinds of projects I will be offering are:

-stay in a tribal elephant town in Thailand. This project involves staying with a tribe in a town where elephants roam freely. Volunteers will experience tribal ceremonies, interacting with elephants who roam freely through the town and have relationships with the tribe, and tribal outreach and education on the importance of elephant conservation in Thailand.

-work with rescued sloth bears in India. The advent of "dancing bears" has been nearly eliminated in India. Spend time at a sanctuary for these rescued sloth bears. Volunteers feed the bears, keep them happy with daily enrichment activities, and learn all about sloth bear habits by observing them on a daily basis. Rescued elephants also reside at the sanctuary.

-beachside sea turtle conservation. Walk with baby sea turtles as they hatch and make their way down to the water. Care for older turtles in a sanctuary, and hatch babies under an incubator. Work toward increasing the number of successful turtles on coastal shores.

-work with wildlife rescue and rehabilitation in the tropics. I offer work with wildlife rescue centers around the globe. Be a part of wild animal rehabilitation and re-entry into the wild. Nothing feels better than to know you've helped to save an endangered species. Work with macaws, mountain lions, monkeys, and so much more! 

So I welcome you to come make a difference with me. Adventure awaits.


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