Art and Wildlife

How can you mix art with wildlife? By having an art show and giving a percentage of the sales proceeds to charity. Since I'm passionate about both art and saving wildlife, I've decided to put on an art exhibit for charity; the charity being Southwest Wildlife Foundation (since I volunteer doing fundraising events for them). The theme for the show is urban or pop-art, and I've gathered a number of artist friends whose work I greatly admire to head it up. I will also be showing some of my own pieces. A percentage of the art sales will go to Southwest Wildlife Foundation, and some of the artists have even donated their pieces 100% to the charity.

Luckily my friend Derek Dyer, head of the Utah Arts Alliance, gave me permission to show in his gallery in downtown Salt Lake City. The show will take place in February 2012, an the art will be up until March. During Salt Lake's monthly gallery stroll, happening on friday, February 17th, we will feature an urban art show, in which the artists will be at the gallery, along with food, drinks, music, live stenciling, graffiti body painting, and breakdancing.

Some of the artists who will be showing are Kelsey Beacco of Kel-Z Photography, a photographer friend with whom I always do fun and crazy themed photo shoots. She's a lively ball of energy and that energy shows up in her work.

image by Kelsey Beacco, copyright Kel-Z Photography

Lisa Ogden is a friend who captures everyday objects in a creative light. She captures a mood with every photo, and is currently photographing with a number of different vintage cameras to create photos with natural flaws that create unique effects.

image copyright Lisa Ogden

I am also quite fond of the urban style workings of the Original Hooligan Stencil artists. Reminiscent of Banksy, these stencil works get a message across in a colorful and entertaining way.

image copyright Original Hooligan Stencils

I will be showing some of my own work as well. My urban-themed pop-art is a nostalgic portrayal of my happy two years spent in London. My pieces feature objects or landscapes from the famous city.

image copyright Jennie Burns

Lena Nance is a cool cat whose first love is snowboarding and second love is graffiti art. You will see her tags on various objects throughout the gallery.

Place: Utah Arts Alliance gallery, 127 S Main Street, SLC.
Time: February 17th, 7:00 pm (art will be hung through the month of February).

non-artist images courtesy of


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