My bear parties

What's better than hoppin' DJs, jumpin' beats, and a whole bunch of dancin' animals enjoying themselves? Doin' it all in the name of charity! I decided to bring my two loves together, wildlife and nightlife, in 2008 while I was living in London, because I knew I wasn't the only person who loved both. And believe me, there's nothing better than gettin' down for a good cause.

It was simple: gather some charitable DJs, ask around for a venue (my first party was in one-half of a bar, rent-free) and use social networking to invite friends, friends of friends, and anyone else interested in the cause. In 2008 I was doing some volunteer work for Wildlife SOS UK, an organization dedicated to saving wildlife used for entertainment (particularly dancing bears), as well as wildlife rescue, in India. So 100 percent of the $5 entrance fee I charged at the door was sent to them, as well as donations we asked for from other bar patrons. Though the party was small and the end amount wasn't huge, we had a lot of fun, educated some people on the cause, and did end up raising around 100 pounds for the organization.

Since then I've held the wildlife party annually, helping different organizations. I've since moved on to bigger and better venues, using a local club and earning door profits for the charity. Last year I helped a charity I did some volunteer work with in South America, Fauna de la Amazonia, who focuses on wildlife rescue in the jungles of Ecuador.

My next party is coming up April 23rd, and I will use this blog to post photos from the event. Proceeds will go to the Southwest Wildlife Foundation, with whom I'm doing fundraising event work. This time I've got entertainment, including a snake dancer, involved, as well as art featured from some of my very talented friends here in Utah. I always encourage costumes and I'm looking forward to seeing what everyone has in store.

Photo album:

our "undancing" bear mascot at the first ever Wildlife SOS bear party

Superstar DJ for the bears

Friends n bears, bears n friends

Fun times in the name of bears

Wildlife party #2 at Club W in SLC, Utah

Dancin' animals, unite!

Go-go dancers, complete with feathers and spots

Wild nights for wild lives


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