Chevron found GUILTY!

After an 18 year struggle against the devastation brought on by Chevron in the Ecuadorian Amazon (see previous blog here), Chevron has FINALLY been found guilty, and has been ordered to pay over 8 million dollars to take responsibility and clean up their mess.

Of course, they are appealing this decision. Why they do not want to help these native people who are suffering and have been suffering for so long I will never understand. They have the means and it is their decisions that have turned the drinking water a tarry black, polluted the land and made it unfit for necessary farm animals to live on, given the village kids cancer, and poisoned the babies.

Here's what you can do to help in this case. Send an email to the CEO of Chevron by clicking here. The email is pre-filled and all you have to do is enter your name at the bottom. You can also adopt a Chevron employee to get your voice heard by clicking here.

It's a small victory for Ecuador and the native peoples of Amazonia, and perhaps to third world countries everywhere, but not if Chevron refuses to hear the ruling. Please help bring justice to these people once and for all!

Photos courtesy of RAN and The San Francisco Appeal. Read RAN's blog about punking Chevron here.


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