Rainforest FUN!

Ha ha ha, I just found the video that was the sole reason I became interested in the rainforest. Well, it was the first mention of the rainforest that I'd ever heard. I was in 4th grade, when the whole "rainforest" thing was fairly new, and it didn't have nearly the attention it does now. My teacher, Mrs. Allen (this was 1989!) played us this video in class (I was 10!). Yeah, it's f#%king cheese, but hey, it led me to where I am today (I was wearing neon!). I just remember watching it and loving the greenness of it, the cool animals and plants, and yes, even the beats. Lol!

Here you go, a treat for you...

And another fun treat...check out this crazy mating dance of the birds of paradise. What? Who doesn't like a giant glowing fish-frog face hoppin' around in front of them every now and then?

And lastly (but not leastly), here is something pretty amazing (if you haven't heard of it yet) - the lyrebird (liar bird). This one is in the Adelaide zoo, but they come from the jungle, and even in the jungle, are able to imitate sounds of loggers chopping down the forest to a tee (which is sad, really, when you think about it)! This one also imitates human voices, the kookoobura (bird that sounds an awfully lot like a monkey), parrots, and other songbirds that it has heard. Crazy shite.


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